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Could This Be Your Wake Up Call?

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Could this pandemic be your wake-up call? Has it got you reflecting on your life? Are you considering or have you made a major change in your life?

I’ve had many wake up calls in my life, including: the death of loved ones, a major car accident, illnesses and a not so fun concussion. These experiences had me stop and ask myself, ‘Is this all there is to life?’

Awareness is the first step to building something new. Without it there can be no change. Sometimes that awareness arrives like the painful rip of a Band-Aid or a sledge hammer to the toe!

Yes, this can be painful for many of us and much of this is out of our control, but have you found yourself wondering if there’s more to life than the busy, busy, hustle life you’ve been living?

Have you been laid off and even though it’s scary, is a part of you relieved? Is part of you thinking about whether you’d even want to go back to that job when this all ends? Or change the way you show up to your job and life in general?

Maybe there’s an opportunity here? An opportunity to create a life you enjoy more thoroughly? An opportunity to design that business you’ve always wanted to start? An opportunity to heal and express your inner ‘artist,’ or take care of your health, or spend more quality time with your kids? Maybe there’s an opportunity here to look at what things you thought you had to do but really you don’t. In other words, this could be an opportunity to simplify your life and refocus on what matters most. An opportunity to finally be quiet and still enough to hear the whispers of your soul and where it wants to guide you.

Maybe you have a gift that you’ve hidden from the world that would bring you and others joy, hope or something positive. I’d bet you have at least one (if not many) wonderful gifts that want to be expressed even if you haven’t acknowledged or reclaimed your gift yet. Humble as you are, somewhere inside you know I’m right! LOL. The funny thing is that often people don’t even recognize their greatest strengths/gifts. Your gift might be: leading others in a noble cause, creating beautiful art/music/comedy, inspiring and helping others, coming up with innovative solutions or something entirely different that lights a fire inside you and makes you feel alive.

“Don't ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” -Howard Thurman.

Your soul and the world need you to wake up and rise! To be clear, rising is a process that doesn’t usually happen over night, it happens in stages and can call you to take leaps of faith and put yourself outside your comfort zone.

I’ve had wake up calls, that have pushed me to where I am today. Yes, they were no fun. But I’m grateful for them. Many years ago, I had a bad flu which left me with no energy to do anything, as I laid around, I had to confront what had been welling up inside me for sometime, that I was extremely unhappy at work and I knew I couldn’t continue working there. But I didn’t know yet what else to do. A couple months later, my grandmother died and I recall sitting in her funeral mass and it hit me that life is too short to waste anymore time in a soul-sucking job. A few days later, I took that leap of faith and quit. Immediately I started to feel better.

A couple years later, I got another major wake up call. This time in the form of a concussion. Even though I was creating a new career, I was still operating in the old way of running at a very fast pace in trying to create more for myself. These post-concussion symptoms lasted for a good 18 months (awful headaches, exhaustion, etc.). What my concussion did for me, however, was it forced me to SLOW DOWN and LISTEN to my body, mind and spirit. At first it wasn’t easy, being with my mind. You see, I did this coping thing of staying as busy as humanly possible in an attempt not to be sitting around with my thoughts. Well without being busy, I had LOADS of time to be with my thoughts. In that period of healing, I thankfully found a life coach, meditation and my dreams at night became so vivid and some were even pre-cognitive again. Through listening to my intuition, it has guided me on a path of healing to find people, places and healing modalities to enable me to become even more of myself.

My healing has led me on a path to allow more joy, wisdom and depth into my life. In 2016, I was led to Royal Roads University in beautiful British Columbia, to complete coaching training so I could not only grow for myself but ultimately help guide others home to themselves so they could find that path inside them that leads to more self-expression, joy and purpose.

What, if anything, are you being called to wake up to? What is the life you want to create for your future? (PS. Don’t worry about HOW you’ll make it happen. Just dream for now, the how has a synchronistic way of being revealed to you…or so that’s been my experience and many I know).

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Loretta Langille

Published On: 12/22/2020

By Loretta Langille