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The Importance of Sleep

Getting a good deep sleep is the best thing you can do to regenerate cells and heal your body. Sounds so boring right? It’s actually magical. I’ve been loving sleep lately probably due to the extra healing my body has to do but also because of the long dark nights.

Most of us are more wired than tired and need some extra support to get into a relaxed enough state for optimal sleep (aromatherapy, acupuncture, massage, meditation, yin yoga, herbal medicine) and we can use many different tools for healing, but sleep alone does so much more than we realize.

So as the nights approach their longest and we enter Winter, the most slow, restorative, and yin time of the year, allow yourself to go to bed early and get extra hours. If this is hard for you to justify, enjoying the extra rest now will help you have more energy in the Spring and Summer!

Morven MacGregor

Published On: 11/13/2020

By Morven MacGregor