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Why Athletic Therapy Isn’t Just For Athletes

A man stretching his body on the floor as a part of his athletic therapy

One of the most common questions the Pure Body Health Online team receives is, “Is athletic therapy just for athletes?”

The short answer? No! The long answer? Well, we’ve dedicated today’s blog to detailing the in’s and out’s of why athletic therapy isn’t just for athletes (and how it can benefit you.)

“What is Athletic Therapy?”

Defined as the “specialization in prevention, emergency care, assessment, and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries (muscles, ligaments, joints, and bones)”, athletic therapy is used to treat both acute or chronic orthopedic injuries. It encompasses the assessment, treatment, rehabilitation, and prevention of said injuries.

Athletic therapy is conducted by skilled healthcare professionals and is based on the sport medicine model, which combines manual therapy, exercise therapy, and other therapeutic modalities to reinforce treatment outcomes and limit the risk of re-injury in the future.

While athletic therapy does overlap with physiotherapy in terms of its treatment approach and outcomes, athletic therapists have a deeper knowledge of musculoskeletal injuries and disorders, making them the preferred options for those with sports-related or general musculoskeletal concerns.

“What Injuries is it Most Commonly Used to Treat or Manage?”

This form of physical therapy is most commonly used to treat or manage:

  1. Pre- or post-surgical muscle rehabilitation
  2. Disc herniation
  3. Contusions
  4. Strained ligaments
  5. Chronic conditions
  6. Muscle sprains
  7. Acute injuries
  8. Lower back pain
  9. Osteoporosis
  10. Whiplash
  11. Fractures
  12. General injury prevention

Said conditions can occur due to playing sports, accidents in the workplace, vehicle or pedestrian incidents, or old age.

Due to the active rehabilitation that athletic therapists employ, the associated outcomes are applicable to anyone with musculoskeletal injuries… whether they’re athletes or not!

“Does Insurance Cover Athletic Therapy?”

In most cases, yes! While we recommend that you reach out to your insurance company ahead of time to ensure that you are covered, we know that the following insurance companies cover athletic therapy:

  1. Great West Life
  2. Greenshield
  3. All Sport Insurance Marketing
  4. Canadian Hockey Association
  5. Manulife
  6. Sunlife
  7. Canadian Athlete Insurance Plan
  8. Empire

“Why Does Pure Body Health Online Offer Athletic Therapy Virtually?”

Even before COVID-19, we offered people the opportunity to have their athletic therapy done online.

Why? Because we know that some who suffer from musculoskeletal discomfort or inquiries may have difficulty leaving their home. While conducting athletic therapy virtually in the era of COVID-19 provides our clients with an added layer of safety and security, conducting athletic therapy online provides clients with comfort, easy accessibility, and quick access to our professionals online for ongoing support and guidance throughout their treatment plan.

Are you suffering from musculoskeletal injuries or have a loved one who is? Visit our Athletic Therapy page today to learn if our virtual offering is right for you.

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Published On: 03/23/2021

By Pure Body Health Online