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Why Self Care Isn't Optional (Especially in 2021)

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In one of our previous blogs, “10 Relaxing Nature Activities That Will Rejuvenate Your Mind”, we touched on how emotionally beneficial it is to detox via being out in nature. But what about those of us whose ideal form of self-care isn’t the outdoors? How should they integrate self-care into their day-to-day?

Today, we’re breaking down why self-care isn’t optional… and why you should be prioritizing it in 2021!

First: the Benefits of Self-Care

Self-care is beneficial for myriad reasons. It works to:

  1. Trigger the body’s relaxation response, curbing stress
  2. Sharpen focus and long-term concentration
  3. Boost the sense of physical well-being
  4. Rejuvenate the mind and body
  5. Improve the immune system
  6. Bolster productivity levels

Whether you’re a caregiver, full-time employee, or simply someone who is burnt-out from what the previous year (and perhaps start to this year!) has thrown at you, self-care is a non-negotiable if you want to start feeling more yourself.

The Pure Body Health Online Team’s Favourite Ways to Practice Self-Care

How should you be practicing self-care? Our team’s favourite methods include:

  1. Getting a minimum of 10 minutes of fresh air per day
  2. Journalling what you’re currently grateful for
  3. Carving time out for a nap
  4. Stretching daily
  5. Incorporating a minimum of 30 minutes of “joyful movement” daily (such as traditional workouts, dancing, or walks depending on your physical capabilities)
  6. Declutter your home
  7. Start a recreational online class
  8. Pick up a new hobby (such as reading or gardening)
  9. Communicate with a loved one that you don’t live with at least once a day, whether it be via text, phone call, Zoom, or in-person
  10. Outline a to-do list in order of priority to simplify upcoming priorities that may be stress-inducing

Our philosophy is helping you feel your best, and that includes your emotional well-being. We are advocates for the idea that self-care isn’t optional; rather, it’s a non-negotiable for maintaining both physical and mental wellness.

Make Self-Care a Priority This Year With Help From Pure Body Health Online

At the time of publication, Pure Body Health is open and available to provide our full menu of virtual services. Whether it be naturopathic medicine, athletic therapy, nutrition counselling, traditional Chinese medicine, wellness coaching, and/or life coaching, our team of experts know how to weave in self-care recommendations in a way that fits seamlessly into your pre-established daily routine.

Contact Pure Body Health Online today to make prioritizing self-care a reality in 2021!

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Published On: 01/12/2021

By Pure Body Health Online